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Unblock Car


Unblock car是Google Play上最受歡迎的滑塊益智類游戲。該遊戲的目標是通過移動其他汽車位置,將一輛紅色小車從一個填滿汽車的6x6方格中移出來。我們一生有四分之一的時間都花費在無效的移動向不情願的地點上(換句話說,就是在交通擁堵時間卡在交通堵塞中)。那就用這款令人驚嘆的Unblock car 遊戲來打發掉這些堵車時間吧。我們提供了超過3000關的謎題等待你去解決,專為開發你那瘋狂大腦的連續思考能力而設計。
遊戲特色:- 4個難度級別,3,000個謎題關卡同時還將不斷更新- 4個不同視覺震撼的主題- 提示/重置/撤銷按鈕以幫助解決每一個關卡- 保存你已經解答的所有關卡的路徑- 快速和簡單的教程
Unblock Car is the most popular sliding block puzzle game in Google Play. The goal of this game is to get a red car out of a six-by-six grid full of automobiles by moving the other vehicles out of its way.
We human clans spend one fourth of our lives ineffectually migrating to undesirable destinations (that is, stuck in traffic jam during rush hour). Make the most of this time with this amazing Unblock Car game. Designed to develop sequential-thinking for impulsive brains, we offered more than 3,000 puzzles for you to clash. However the cars and trucks obstruct the path which makes the puzzle harder.
How to Play:You need to get the Red Car out the Exit Gate. To accomplish, just move the blocking vehicles out of the way.
Game Features:- 4 difficulty levels with 3,000 puzzles and more to come- 4 different visually striking ice board themes- Hint/Reset/Undo buttons to help you figure out each puzzle- Keep track of all the puzzles you've cleared- Quick and easy Tutorial